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Depilex Smileagain Team Attends Hijab Conference in Pearl Continental Lahore

Depilex Smileagain team attends Hijab Conference Pearl Continental LahoreInternational Hijab Conference was held at Pearl Continental Lahore on 15th September, 2012. Masarrat Misbah attended the event along with her Depilex Smileagain Foundation (DSF) team of acid victims. It was an inspiring event that emphasized on the importance of hijab in an Islamic society by raising awareness, building a positive image of hijab and addressing the negative misconceptions on the Muslim headdress.

Mrs. Raja Ashraf (wife of PM Raja Pervaiz Ashraf) appeared as chief guest and presented “Special hijab award” to Masarrat Misbah, President Depilex Smileagain foundation, not only for medical and vocational support of the acid victims but also grooming them to be ideal women with religious and cultural values .

Depilex Smileagain Team Attends Hijab Conference in Pearl Continental Lahore

Depilex Smileagain Team Attends Hijab Conference in Pearl Continental Lahore

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Acid Survivor Arooj Akbar’s Wedding – Sharing Smiles at Depilex SmileAgain

A really happy time was celebrated at Depilex Smileagain Foundation when an old patient Arooj Akbar(acid victim)  tied her wedding knot. The entire DSF(Depilex Smileagain Foundation) team gave her a memorable farewell.  Musarrat Misbah gave her a stunning look on her special day. It was an epic eve encompassed by good wishes and amusement. All her Depilex friends were very happy and organized this event with a great zeal. They all bought presents for her and wished her a peaceful life ever after.

We wish her a very happy successful life.

Sharing Smiles at Depilex Smile Again Foundation

Arooj Akbar’s Wedding in Depilex Smileagain Foundation


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Depilex Smileagain and Stories of Extraordinary Hope

The way things were happening for last few years it was not surprising that violence on such scale took place . Just for taking revenge, one destroys another’s life. We can’t even imagine what goes through that person’s mind, who suffers from different sort of violence. It has become a common practice in Pakistan, that if a girl or a lady refuses for something or defends her for some reason they are burned by throwing acid.

Many innocent girls lost their lives, a few survive with all their dreams shattered; giving up all their hope to live a prosperous life many NGO’s are working on the rehabilitation of such women. Providing them new lives full of hope so they don’t spend their lives in fear. And here we are with few survivors who want to rise like the phoenix.


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Depilex Smileagain foundation and its financial auditing and reporting

Financial auditing is a very important obligation of any NGO. Not only the lives of people who the NGOs claim to be serving is at stake, but the confidence of the donators in the integrity of the NGO to which they contribute is also to be retained. Hence the best of auditors take responsibility of the task – for Depilex Smileagain Foundation (DSF) this task is undertaken by Mohsin Mansha of Mansha Mohsin Dossani Khan & Co (MMDK).

MMDK is licensed by The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP) and The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales (ICAEW). This License is hard to earn and even more difficult to maintain. Embezzlement and Misappropriation of any kind may mean the cancellation of their license, a risk no company would ever like to take.

It has been noticed that some rumors are being spread about Depilex Smileagain Foundation (DSF). Nowadays people don’t act wisely once a rumor is heard about any organization and they immediately start believing irrational accusations. What’s important to know is that rumors are only created to degrade the organizations and eventually affect none but the people which the NGOs are trying to help.

Instead of cultivating doubts and cutting off the rights of the much deserving Acid Attack and Burn Victims one should take out few minutes of their luxurious lives and visit Organizations to know about the authenticity of the rumors which we usually start believing in seconds. People have dedicated their lives, wealth and time for a cause. The people who they help are dependent on the support and aid which are given to them by the donators, for them this is the only source of life, hope and happiness. Please consider that before agreeing to any false information – there are lives at stake.

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Ngo is a registered non profitable, nongovernmental organization which is committed to help the undeserved through strategic interventions in health, education and skills learning.

We, humans, are meant to help each other. Helping the mankind and bringing relief to their sufferings is the only way we to make our earth encompassed by peace. With the same intention many organizations are working in Pakistan to promote peace for example Bardasht (founded by NILOFER BAKHTIYAR), Shaukat khanam cancer hospital (founded by IMRAN KHAN), depilex smile again foundation (founded by musarrat misbah) etc.

Blame Games Being Played Against Charity Foundations

These organizations are not being run by their founders only. Founders have only taken a step. It’s the people like you and me who are responsible for the success of such NGOs and hence helping the suffering mankind.

NGOs are not meant to earn, they are meant to serve. They run on the top of the financial aids, donations and sponsorships. These donations are the only assets they have to promote peace by helping under privileged sufferers.

It has been noticed that many NGOs are now being blamed for using funds and donations for their personal matters instead of spending it on the sufferers. People, without realizing the truth, believe on the word of mouth and stop donating for the sufferers being helped by that NGO.

It is done to harm the founder. Some people who have their personal clashes with the founder or the organization start spreading such rumors in order to put it to loss. It leaves a really bad effect not on the founder but the sufferers who were being treated. Poeple who blame NGOs should not do it just because of their personal clashes with the founder. This rumor does more harm to the sufferers than the founder or organization’s reputation.

Depilex Smileagain Foundation and its cause of restoring the smiles of acid and kerosene burn victims

People who stop giving donations to NGOs considering them fraudulent should think wise and positive. It does not matter that where your donations are being used. The thing that really matters is that the purpose of your donations is being fulfilled or not. After all it’s GOD who will reward you for your good deeds and intentions, not the people.

Patients being treated in Depilex Smileagain

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Depilex Smileagain – To Whom it may Concern

God created human beings for each other, he gave some power so that they could help others with none, he bestowed health upon some so that they can help those with poor health, to some he blessed with every blessing that there is so that they could share it with those who were not that lucky.
Being a human we have a repsonsbility towards every human who is deprived, doing is what makes us human.

People who took away the smiles from the faces of the victims of set-on-fire and Acid Attacks are another breed, but what have we done to answer the calls of these distressed souls?

We at Depilex Smileagain Foundation are committed towards bringing back their smiles and doing everthing we can to give them their life back. You can either choose to ignore us or help us, decide how good a human you want to be, HURRY

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Musarrat Misbah elected Chairperson for the Peace Conference in Lahore by Bardasht (NGO)

A consultative meeting was called by BARDASHT an NGO committed to help the underprivileged population, the most vulnerable class in Pakistan. Detailed discussions were held  to hold a Conference in Lahore as part of the provincial series of the  Peace Conferences in collaboration with UN. Venue, date, segments of forums, formation of committees and speakers was discussed in detail. Masarrat Misbah was unanimously elected to be  the Chairperson of the Conference. She graciously accepted and extended the invitation to hold the next meeting at Depilex Smileagain Foundation which itself is a reputation foundation working for the cause of Acid Attacks and Kerosene oil Burn Victims.


The 2nd meeting was held at Depilex Smileagain to take forward the holding of Peace Conference innitiative. It was decided that the main onference will be held at Pearl Continental Lahore. Representatives of Bardasht from Islamabad head office and Lahore Chapter attended the meeting. From DSF, Masarat Misbah, CEO, Ayesha Taslim, Director Program and Aliya Khan, Manager External Affairs also participated in the meeting.



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Profile of a Volunteer at Depilex SmileAgain Foundation


My name is Amrit Ahmed. I have just finished my O’level studies. I always wanted to do something that made myself and others happy. I had my three months summer vacations so therefore, I looked at it as an opportunity to accomplish my goal and started to look for a way to keep myself happy whilst doing some social work.

One day I was just randomly searching on internet about some of the foundations working for orphans, women rights e.t.c. As my search engine continued I suddenly came across Smileagain foundation. Smileagain works for the acid and kerosene burn victims and is run by Mussarat Misbah. While I was reading the web page I came across the objective of this foundation.

Immediately on 16 of June I decided to meet Mussarat Misbah. Mussarat Misbah after seeing my passion and considering my enthusiasm immediately offered me to work with her foundation as a volunteer. It was that very day when I met Mamoona an acid victim. Due to my friendly nature Maimoona immediately became my really good friend. When I told her that I am going to voluntarily work with Smileagain she hugged me and gave me a big smile and said that she is really happy to see someone working for them too. She got really excited when she came to know that I am going to visit her daily while she is in hospital and will bring her lunch too.

The smile that I saw on Mamoona’s face made me proud of myself that I am doing something productive. From that day onwards I decided that I would always be a friend of this foundation. Every day I meet many burn victims who come to this foundation with a new hope, trust and expect to enjoy a new life.

I feel really proud working here because the atmosphere provided by Mussarat Misbah is really cherishing. It feels like as if I belong here. Hence, I will recommend my all dear friends who are sitting idle in their homes  in front of computer or just hanging around achieving nothing, should not waste their time and come to Smileagain and work with them because smiles are meant to be shared and we should make sure that we share a smile too.

Amrit Ahmed

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Depilex Smileagain Foundation – BEING HUMAN

The feeling of self-satisfaction that comes when one sees joy in the eyes of one whose hunger has been appeased, whose pain has been lessened and whose life has been recovered is indeed heavenly.

The service rendered by an individual or an institution to improve the social conditions of society is called ‘social service’. This service is rendered on humanitarian considerations and without any motive of profit. Only those people to whom the interests of society are more important than their personal interests come forward to render social service. Today there is an appropriate definition to it as a trait found in some people, whereas it should have been a universal character trait of any Human Being.

If one seeks to help, several ways come to mind as there are many worthy people who deserve help from the more fortunate ones. Acid Attacks and Burn victims are amongst the list of people who need all sort of help from anyone who is willing to invest time, money or hard work.

Poor souls which are victim of Set-on-fire and Acid attacks suffer from many problems which are physical, psychological and social. They require a lot of treatments at various levels along with Psychological and Psychiatric assistance to facilitate social reintegration of the survivors

You know how stress super-charges you, causing stomach distress, aches and pains, or sending your heart rate soaring. In the same way, social support has a complex effect on well-being—but it is calming and positive. Social support may change your assessment of the stressful event or may prevent you from engaging in damaging behavioral or physiological responses

Volunteering in organizations which work for a humanitarian causes is the best form of charity one can give as a human. It is sad to see how many able people do not give heed to such services; they do not realize how important it is for them to be of service to humanity to be able to classify themselves as being HUMAN.

Source: Nine Mark Communications

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