Musarrat Misbah elected Chairperson for the Peace Conference in Lahore by Bardasht (NGO)

A consultative meeting was called by BARDASHT an NGO committed to help the underprivileged population, the most vulnerable class in Pakistan. Detailed discussions were held  to hold a Conference in Lahore as part of the provincial series of the  Peace Conferences in collaboration with UN. Venue, date, segments of forums, formation of committees and speakers was discussed in detail. Masarrat Misbah was unanimously elected to be  the Chairperson of the Conference. She graciously accepted and extended the invitation to hold the next meeting at Depilex Smileagain Foundation which itself is a reputation foundation working for the cause of Acid Attacks and Kerosene oil Burn Victims.


The 2nd meeting was held at Depilex Smileagain to take forward the holding of Peace Conference innitiative. It was decided that the main onference will be held at Pearl Continental Lahore. Representatives of Bardasht from Islamabad head office and Lahore Chapter attended the meeting. From DSF, Masarat Misbah, CEO, Ayesha Taslim, Director Program and Aliya Khan, Manager External Affairs also participated in the meeting.



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