Rising Atrocities – Acid Attack and Set-on-fire cases on the rise

Gender based domestic violence is one of the harsh realities in the third world. Every day the media reports cases of atrocities that are faced by helpless victims. Few of these are ever brought to justice due to communal pressures and loop holes in the legal system. Acid and kerosene oil burning is a gender specific crime. Young girls and women are the common victims of this crime. Although the mortality rate is low the survival is considered by victims to be a fate worse than death. The crime has long term repercussions comprising physical disfiguration and often immobility and psychological complications.

According to an independent survey carried out by Depilex Smileagain Foundation (DSF) there were 242 cases of burnt victims in Pakistan in 2011. 153 of these cases were a result of intentional violence whereas 89 were accidental cases. The number of victims of Acid Attacks and Set-on-Fire has increased by 31% and 47% respectively since 2010, which is very alarming in these modern times where there are tens of NGOs looking after Human and Women Rights.

These numbers are bound to be more than mentioned because only a few have the courage to report such issues and most cases go unreported. Over 450 victims have been registered in DSF, an NGO which has been working on this issue since years. Thank God such Foundations exist because the legal system and the Government has not done much to reduce such cases of dreadful violence let alone helping the victims.

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